Batácora premiered at Tampere Flamenco Festival

The stage is bare apart from four figures, the bass player Dile Kolanen plays his instrument in the corner. There are three figures on stage wearing black bata de colas. Wait, three… this is supposed to be a duet… yet there appear to be three dancers on stage…

Photo from Tampere Flamenco Festival instagram page by photographer FotoMarkku


These were my initial reactions to Batácora, the duet of flamencas Maija Lepistö and Marja Rautakorpi, which premiered on Tampere Flamenco Festival on Friday 29th June, 2018. Moments later all became clearer as the piece advanced to rhythmic work on the black flamenco floor and the third person lying on the floor was revealed to be cantaora Alicia Acuña. And what a singer she was! Basing her work on the combination of voice and motion, she was constantly united to the movement of the bailaoras, a true collaborator to the dance, which was emphasized by the ingenious decision to clothe her identically with the two dancers.

Photo from Tampere Flamenco Festival instagram page by photographer FotoMarkku

The piece ebbed and flowed together with the fascinating bass, an instrument that is not part of the tradition of flamenco but complements flamenco so well, the simple but efficient lighting of light designer Ville Virtanen, and the strength of the singer who was more a part of a trio than an accompaniment to a duet. And what a joy to see these two bailaoras, Maija Lepistö, a much admired dancer and choreographer, and Marja Rautakorpi, a fresh, newer talent, as they showcased not only their incredible versatility but also the versatility of the bata de cola. Having seen both dancers in a more traditional setting at the Helsinki Flamenco Festival this year, it was delightful to see them show their more contemporary and experimental side. Both with flowing body work, I was this time enthralled and inspired especially by their effortless rhythmic footwork and the way they they worked as a duet, being at once strong individuals and part of a team.

Photo from Tampere Flamenco Festival Instagram page by photographer FotoMarkku

Although one might think that the piece was quite short, approximately 30 minutes, I believe that true wisdom and insight was shown here by choreographers Lepistö and Rautakorpi as the audience was left wanting to see more. I for one am waiting for the next opportunity to see and be inspired more by this incredible team of artists! Thank you Batácora team for true inspiration!

This piece can also be read at the Minna en el Mundo -section of this blog and will form a part of my flamenco text library in English.